About the Supply chain and production (Toot)

We have come to protect Iran’s water, soil and air for the future.
In 2011, the year of the economic jihad in order to increase food security, improve the quality and value of agricultural products, we set up and establish an association of organic and organic agricultural producers in Isfahan and now it is part of the “Chain of Production and Supply of Healthy and Organic Products” Has become.

Supply and Production Supply Chain (Toot):
One of the main objectives and plans of the Toot chain is the following:

  • A gateway to record the producers of healthy, certified and organic products throughout the country.
  • Establishing a single base of manufacturers to supply products for both inside and outside the country.
  • Contracts with manufacturers and purchases of manufactured products.
  • Providing employment conditions, albeit small in rural communities, and the optimal efficiency of the resources and potential
  • capabilities of the indigenous people and the region.
  • Helping small farmers in production, sales and marketing processes to increase their income
  • Helping to create small and local farms to produce healthy and organic products in different areas
  • Organic and healthy farming through empowerment of micro-farmers.
  • Establishing an appropriate coordination and relationship between the manufacturer, the major buyer, the merchant and the consumer, and the connection between the manufacturer and the domestic and foreign consumer.
  • Create facilitating conditions to help provide the products of the brand-name companies and active in the field of healthy and organic products for a well-deserved market and the supply of small-sized farmers in the target market in a decent manner.
  • Accompaniment and assistance to farmers in the certification process and the supply of products.