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The primary core of the company was formed by the presence of a group of experts and graduates of various agricultural trends with the aim of operating in the field of organic farming in early 2008. We gathered to work professionally in all fields related to organic and ethical agriculture, including production, culture and information, marketing, education and research, specialized services and advisory services, and the promotion of organic agriculture, and managed to take Effective steps in different sectors. Gokarn has succeeded in targeting the organic, healthy, and certified products of its branded “Abgineh” brand.

Fair and ethical trade

Gokarn insists on the quality and health of the product, regardless of the glamorous colors of the products, and has entered With a humanitarian and godly angle, in turbulent market.The energy has focused on placing the most important food groups needed by the public, which have been produced in a healthy and organic way without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, relying on the preservation of water, soil and human health, and to this day has been able to A variety of products, including breads and grains, legumes, Nuts, fruits, fresh vegetables, dried vegetables, oils, tea, herbs, honey, meat and eggs placed in their food basket.

Specialized production to supply

Regarding unsaid the destructive and irreparable effects of pesticides and fertilizers, the unnecessary use of some farmers and the unconscious performance of a number of producers in the process of production of agricultural products and food, the Gokarn Agricultural Engineering and Production Unit, based on modern management in the agricultural industry and Considering the causes non-health of agricultural products, the cost of resources and the distance from sustainable agriculture, steps have been taken to increase soil productivity and optimize production and provide the field of production and provision of specialized services in this field.
Gokarn, with exploration and searching throughout the country, has been able to identify regions that have potential to produce organic products in a healthy way without the use of chemical inputs, relying on the preservation of water, soil and human health, and get valuable products from original nature.

Reliable and Sympathetic from North to South, from East to West

Cook with organic and healthy ingredients

Every day, all of us, there are times that we can even use for restaurants, bars or fast food for variety. But the issue that always annoy the family while eating outdoors is unhealthy and unreliable food. With the aim of eliminating this concern, we began to provide raw materials for our foods from organic and organic products, and in the end, cook some new foods. To provide our customers with the confidence that we provide not only food with unhealthy and fresh recipes, but also the basic ingredients of cooking (healthy and organic).



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Abgineh products

Gokarn Company has started to register its brand “Abgineh” with the aim of providing its products. The glassware offered are merely products that are organic, healthy and certified. Products whose production processes are in conflict with the health of humans, the environment and other creatures do not fit into the Abgineh.


Gokarn Fields and Gardens

Gokarn’s research and production fields produce organic and healthy products based on the goal of promoting community health and the non-use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and replacing organic, biological and natural pesticides with biological foundations. All fields of planting, harvesting, harvesting and general production processes are under the direct control and supervision of experts and specialists.


Organic tourism

As our body needs food, our soul also need special and desire food. With the aim of safeguarding this after human existence, we arranged for the possibility of turning and touching nature in pristine areas, as well as organic farms and orchards for environmental lovers.

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Organic Farming & Food = Sustainable Life Organic Farming

Correct, ethical and fair use of natural resources (water, soil, plant, etc.), living organisms, as well as the revival of biological microorganisms. We will develop bio-farming to remind ourselves and our future generations, our value and respect, and the generosity of the earth.



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