Services and activities

Executive in the comprehensive management of education and research, the production of healthy and organic products, provide engineering, consulting and support services for manufacturers and volunteers, and in collaboration with farmers and manufacturers, other engineering services companies, plant clinics, companies Inspection and certification, reference laboratories, educational centers, and universities aim to build and support their own manufacturers.

Services and activities of engineering unit Agricultural production and services:

  • Comprehensive study of organic farming problems in Iran and the world. Appropriate methods for the production of healthy and organic products through extensive research and research.
  • Identify areas susceptible to the production of healthy and organic products throughout the country
  • Involvement of students from agricultural students and graduates and provide them with the necessary training to collaborate on different levels of education, production and research.
  • Acceptance of agricultural students for the duration of the project and the internship
  • Guidance and training of covered manufacturers to promote the health of manufactured products and provide expert advice and engineering services
  • Collaborate and contract with qualified producers to produce healthy and organic products and support them in the production process.
  • Control products manufactured through reference laboratories as necessary
  • Assist in the achievement of certain quantitative and qualitative objectives for the production, processing, export and import of goods or related services

    We hope that with the cooperation of all our colleagues and the help of the dear farmers, we will be able to make this happen.
    Agriculture is a gift from the earth to man So that people have power to live.

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