Agricultural engineering and production

About engineering and agricultural services

We are going to stay and prove that the Iranian farmer and producer can produce a product of the best quality and health for the consumer.

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Farms and Gardens

Gokarn is an organic aquaculture designer, active in the field of organic and organic farming, and has established its research and production farms, based on the goal of promoting community health and the non-use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and the replacement of organic inputs, Biological and natural pesticides with biobases.

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Services and Activities

Executive in the comprehensive management of education and research, the production of healthy and organic products, provide engineering, consulting and support services for manufacturers and volunteers, and in collaboration with farmers and manufacturers, other engineering services companies, plant clinics, companies Inspection and certification, reference laboratories, educational centers, and universities aim to build and support their own manufacturers.

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Definitions and Standards

The Farmer Field School:
The concept of Farmer Field School began in the late 1980’s, the first time in Indonesia. When the use of chemical pesticides was commonly used in rice production as the most important food product in this country.

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Specialized information

Organic farmers have abandoned pest control with the use of pesticides, and have began on a generalized approach to pest and disease control.This control method, in fact, involves the use of a combination of a wide range of crop operations:

  • Variety of crops through rotation and mixin

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Organic Equipment and Inputs

  • BT pesticide (full control of larvae of butterflies)
  • Spicy insecticide (control of ticks and other suckers)
  • Organic Pesticide Solutions
  • Syrinol insecticide

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