History and development trends

The primary core of Gokaren (Winehouse) was formed with the presence of a number of experts and graduates of various agricultural disciplines with the aim of operating in the field of organic agriculture in early 1387. We came together to deal with the crisis of food insecurity.

Diversity, Continuity, Quality, Health “is a slogan of our company and we consider it as the headline of work at the top of our duties and we will not attempt any efforts to realize this aspiration.

Gokarn has succeeded in targeting its organic, healthy, and certified organic products with two, Gokarn and Abgineh brands.

Creativity, perseverance, love, and faith are unbelievably persistent and are always the true reasons for the expansion of this set. With the goal of organizing and developing activities in a specialized way, the following subcategories are taken into account:

۱ unit of the market for healthy and organic products
۲ units of engineering and agricultural services
۳ production and supply chains (berries)
۴ restaurants

We always try to sacrifice morality, honesty and fairness for economic reasons, love for our work, and we wish to promote public health and promote food security.