About us

History and development trends

The primary core of Gokaren (Winehouse) was formed with the presence of a number of experts and graduates of various agricultural disciplines with the aim of operating in the field of organic agriculture in early 1387. We came together to deal with the crisis of food insecurity

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Gokarn Tree

Services and activities

Organic, healthy, certified and standard agricultural production.
Launching and participating in a variety of production projects.
Provide development plans

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Our work principles

The culture of respect for nature has become pattern and we use the best method to choose health and happiness, and ultimately bring us a happy and healthy body.

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Talk with contacts

Your health has no price …
Prefer prevention to treatment …
As we know from the past, we will take steps to maintain and improve the health of the present and future and to produce and fairly produce agricultural products in accordance with the relevant standards, including Organic, GAP, adaptation and …

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